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Dental Cares

The Dental Office of Dr. Lisa Bergonzi-Garzelli has been providing excellence care for more than 30 years for an international clientele in the heart of the Principality of Monaco.
Dr. Bergonzi-Garzelli's cosmetic dentistry clinic is equipped with brand new dental technologies, which uses the latest innovative techniques in cosmetic dentistry, including for bleaching and dental implants in order to combine beauty and esthetics with the highest level of dental cares for a life without worries.

Cosmetic Dentistry

At Cabinet Bergonzi, we think that everyone deserves a beautiful smile. Thanks to our unique approach, we are committed to restoring your smile to its full glory. We believe that communication is one of the essential keys to the success of our esthetic dental care and our advice as much as our results strengthen our reputation.
Before you even start a treatment, we discover together the lines of your face and we find together the best way to redraw your smile. We explain to you also all the needs and all the options available to get the best result.

Dental Implants

If you want to replace a broken tooth or create a new tooth to enhance your smile, we can obtain magnificent results through implants.

Teeth Whitening

Nothing beats a beautiful smile to make a good impression. Teeth whitening is an investment that you will not regret. It's a real makeover for your smile.

The smile is the first thing you notice at somebody. It always influences the impression that others have of you.
Dental bleaching is a real solution to strengthen your self-confidence.

There are different teeth whitening techniques: at the clinic with the Philips Zoom lamp or with custom gutters at home.

Dental whitening allows you to brighten the natural color of your teeth without damaging them. We are committed to helping you to find a perfect bright smiles and to offer you the best possible solution adapted to your needs.

More informations about Philips Zoom products : Click here

Family Dentistry

Although they are small, milk teeth are very important. True little pearls, they must be carefully treated from the first days.
Milk teeth occupy the place of the future definitive teeth. It is therefore extremely important to protect and to take care of them.

We strongly recommend that you begin to establish a long-lasting relation between your child and the dentist. This helps children to prevent dental anxiety and also constitutes a source of essential information about your child's dental care. The primary goal is prevention.

In many cases, it is the mother who helps her child to brush his teeth until he becomes autonomous. Generally, the child starts to brush their own teeth around 6 years old. However, it is always advisable to supervise this brushing until your child can rinse his mouth by himself and spit without outside help.

Do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you need dental advice. Our experience allows us to provide the latest information to treat your child's dental problems.